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Kurt just needs to tell Adam what has been going on with Blaine. I get that it isn’t his secret to tell but not saying anything may end up costing him his relationship. From the outsider looking in it sometimes seems like Kurt is picking his ex over his current boyfriend. It may look that way to Adam as well.
Is Tina going to keep flirting with Brody when she finds out he’s a prostitute?
I want to know how Blaine feels about Kurt being flown away to a far off place with his new boyfriend. I want to know if he thinks Kurt is moving too fast.
I am so glad Adam took Kurt to London. I think it will be good for Kurt to get away from Lima and the memories of being shot. Plus, both Adam and Kurt deserve this trip after everything that has happened between them. They deserve to be happy together in a beautiful place.
I totally think Kitty is trying to get it with Brody
I feel some drama brewing with Brody and Mike over Tina. And possibly some tension with Rachel?
Dancing is honestly the only thing keeping me alive.
Am I the only one who thinks it’s fucked up how no one went to see and actually spend time with Kurt in the hospital? (other than Adam, Rachel and his father, I mean)
 I think it’s cute that Brody flew all the way to Lima for Tina. She deserves love in her life.
Yes, what happened to Blaine is terrible but he isn’t the only person that matters. Tina got shot, Rachel had to hold her best friend in her arms while he nearly bled to death, Sam’s twin brother “Evan” showed up, Kurt was in the hospital with an infection, and Adam thought his boyfriend might die. To mention some of what happened. So why is no one talking about any of that? Why don’t they matter?